Special Olympics

Photo Courtesy Elise Hernandez

Joshua Matamoros and Bruno Silva, Reporters

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MACHS is a school of inclusion, and we believe that everyone is welcome. This year we were privileged to host an Olympic game of basketball for our Special Ed students, and those who are differently abled. The Olympics had an amazing ending as one of our students scored a half-court shot, making us the champions of the Olympics.


Each student had a different personal reason for joining the basketball team. Jahir Ramirez said, “When I was a little kid my brother would tell me to shoot a basket and he would congratulate me when I scored.” This feeling encouraged him to play in the Special Olympics this year. On the other hand, our half-court winning-shot player Brayan Rivera mentioned that when he was young, watching basketball players on TV motivated him to play. Brayan thought to himself, “Wow, I want to play basketball one day. I’m interested.” For Valeria Maldonado, who had seen her friends play basketball , had a similar as Bryan’s which drew her to the sport. All students played an important role on the team and worked together to secure their position as champions.


During the game, the team played like a family. Everytime a teammate scored, he or she was enthusiastically congratulated for doing a great job. Though other teams were a challenge to defeat, MACHS got through it as a team–but also as a family. Jahir, Brayan, and Valeria all agreed that their team did their best because they saw it within themselves to succeed.


Last but not least, Wolfpack Special Ed Team was thrilled with the intense game-winning half-court shot. They earned  the championship and also a gold, shiny, and enormous trophy. Everyone was proud of the Wolfpack Special Ed Team. GO WOLFPACK!!!!

Photo Courtesy Elise Hernandez

Photo Courtesy Elise Hernandez