MACHS Undergoes WASC

The formal WASC visiting committee will conduct observations in March, 2019.

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The formal WASC visiting committee will conduct observations in March, 2019.

Henry Cordero and Mellanye Salazar, News Editors

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This year, MACHS is undergoing WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation. This consists of a written proposal and several formal visits to our campus from WASC visiting committees. “WASC is about making sure our classes get accredited for our students when they go to college,” explained Melissa Naponelli, Title I Coordinator at MACHS. “It counts when [students] apply to colleges, UC and CAL STATES.” If our school does not get accredited, student diplomas would essentially be worthless. Naponelli was quick to say we shouldn’t worry though: “we are part of LAUSD, and the people from the office in downtown will make sure our report is well-written, and that we pass.”


WASC is the accrediting body for the Western Region of the United States. Formal accreditation takes place on March 10-13, 2019. Teachers and Administrators are preparing by holding meetings, professional development, and classroom observations. Intervention Coordinator Arturo Escandon said, “ We are preparing by visiting classrooms and talking to our teachers. The most important part is our South Study.” The South Study checks the facts in our report against what observers find, proving that what we are doing at our school is actually true. Schools can be accredited for 3-6 years depending on their score.

Typically, information in the WASC report covers everything about the school. As the report is written, Naponelli said that they have to think about “how we think we are we doing instruction, around the school community, how the students feel in the school, how the teachers feel in the school, how the parents feel, and you will have to be truth[ful] about everything.” Then she explained the consequences of our school not getting accredited. If this happens, the student’s diploma wouldn’t mean anything.

So far, the WASC visiting committee has done a preliminary visit in October. Students and staff can expect formal visits in March, 2019.